We attended CICP Workshop 2017!

Good afternoon everyone! This is Zhang.

During December 10th and 11th, we went to a Japanese style hotel called Bosco Villa for giving a presentation of our project.

CICP is the abbreviation of Creative and International Competitiveness Project. To improve students’ ability to plan and manage research projects as well as communication skills, it encourages students to make teams and propose challenging research. After proposing ideas, there will be an interview. The teams who passed the interview will get a budget for their research.

In this year, there are 19 teams passed the interview and our Ubi-Lab has three teams who get budgets from school successfully! They are:

Team1: Elder-San, Takada, Watanabe

Team2: JP-San, Nakamura-San

Team3: Nagano, Zhang, Tokuda, Nakamura-San

On December 10th, we set out at around 10 am by a free bus to the hotel. After we arrived Bosco Villa, we started to set our posters up for the poster session. Since the hotel is located in a mountain, the signal was pretty bad in the room and we can only rely on the Wi-Fi which was unconnectable when so many people tried to connect it at the same time. Anyway, we started 2 min presentation for attracting audience to come to our poster so that we can show them how useful our researches are.

[2 mins Presentation Session! ]

Elder-San’s performance was very good. He got all audiences’ attention!

JP-San just came to NAIST less than a half year but he still attended CICP! After presentation, he said he was panic since there were something wrong with his slides and he didn’t know what to say (Zhang: Don’t worry, your performance was good!)

My team leader, Nagano, was in German at that time so I presented instead. I was too nervous so my English was rough and I even didn’t know whether audience understood our project or not !

[Lunch Time ! ]

We were all starving during the presentation and finally we came to the restaurant!

Menu for today is…Bentou!

Tasty and traditional Japanese food. Except the bentou, we also got a savory egg custard! Sadly, JP-San thought it was a pudding and he said he can’t get use to it after he had a taste.

[Poster Session! ]

In this session, we need to explain our research to people who come to our poster and it will stay for 1 hour. Everyone tried their best!

JP-San was working hard !

For practicing his own ability of presenting in English, Takada presented instead of Elder-San!

I was also trying to introduce our project to all the audiences.

[Special Speech ! ]

Dr. Federico Tombari, who is a specialist of deep learning and data analyzing, came to the hotel and held a speech for us to show his research.

Deep learning, what a hot topic! I really want to learn more about it!

[ Dinner Time ! ]

After we finished the speech part at around 7 pm, we were told that the dinner was ready. So, what kind of food we are going to eat ?? Bentou again?

No! it’s Meat!!!

We were so happy that we can have so nice meal after a busy day ! All I can say is “Wow!!!”

[Next Day, 4 mins Presentation ! ]

In this time, we need to introduce more detail of our research and there will be Q&A part after presentation.

Elder-San’s performance was as perfect as usual! Really nice talk!

JP-San seemed no longer panic and finished the job very well!

I was also calmed down and tried my best to keep my mouth speaking without shaking.

[ Reward Time ! ]

After we all finished, they had a reward session for the best poster and the best Oral Presentation. The best Oral Presentation award goes to…

Elder-San’s Team!!!  Congratulation !!! (Well Done! T-Masashi ! )

In the end, I want to say: “皆さん,お疲れ様でした!”
You did nice work!

During this workshop, we heard a lot of interesting and challenging project !
And Dr. Federico’s talk also let us know what kind of research the wonderful researchers like Dr. Federico are doing right now!

CICP is still not end and we still have many things to do, many problems to solve.
Wish us luck!
Thank you for reading!