Welcome to my page!

Hi, I am Yuko Hirabe, who is a third-year Doctor’s course student belonging to the Ubiquitous Computing Systems laboratory (ubi lab) of NAra Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST).

My current research is about improving the user-awareness of smartphones. I am focusing on estimating user contexts, such as emotions, human relations, user profiles, and smartphone control skills, by analyzing touch operations and BLE sensor on Android devices. My field of interest also includes Big Data analysis because information of touch operation and BLE can be viewed as Big Data as it accumulates over time. The use of touch operations and BLE signals to estimate user contexts is an important and novel idea within my field of research. Therefore, I confidently think that I am capable of contributing more novel ideas related to essential technology. I am currently developing an Android application and analyzing the data obtained via my developed system to advance my research.